The latest core release v1.1 has been released for customer download. Please contact your account manager or support team for more information.

Release Number 1.1
Release Date 06/05/2016
Fixes Platform
– Licensing encryption fails in Linux when running as non-root
– Encrypted passwords in server extensions settings
– When running on IE, sometimes a newly created middleware instances is not appearing in the middleware list on the left navigation
– Updated client and toolkits transfer logic to ensure latest versions in target machines
– Issues when running Talos in Windows with a lot of toolkits installed
– Unable to copy request code to activate license offline when using Firefox
– Template Engine: configuration scopes are not replaced when a entire file is selected
– Created activities documentation for several toolkitsF5 Toolkit
– Errors in Jenkins integration
– Java Class Not Found exceptions in some specific situations
– ApplyTemplate activity added to f5 toolkitWAS Toolkit
– Fixed WAS topology discovery for situations when IHS is installed on managed nodeWP Toolkit
– Issues in template overlay when creating WAS templates from WP middleware instances

Ansible Integration
– Added Ansible scripts for several toolkits

New Features Platform
– Support of LDAP integration
– Ability to deactive license from UI
– Reduced artifacts to simplify installation

About the Author Benoit Culioli

Benoit is a Domain Architect in both development and infrastructure. Benoit has been designing and implementing Java/J2EE solutions for the WebSphere platform for the last 10 years, and has been using this experience while working with Talos products.