Talos Core version 1.2 released

The latest core release v1.2 has been released for customer download. Please contact your account manager or support team for more information.

Release Number
Release Date
New Features
– Compare feature: provide the ability to compare configurations of two middleware instances
– Ability to provide hook to execute actions after saving a template
– Support different media home location for Windows and UNIX targets
– Ability to auto-tag topology elements with their name
– Update: Talos update process does not change Tomcat instance
– Topology editor: indicator for empty mandatory fields
– Topology editor: Ability to have conditional dropboxes based on other topology elements
WAS Toolkit
– Support installation of Resource Adapters RAR files
– Support Cache Instances configuration type
– Support to install and manage SDK 1.7.1
– Support to deploy applications using WAR files
IHS Toolkit
– Add creation of IHS unmanaged nodes and IHS servers to Jenkins build library
Libery Toolkit
– Deep review of Liberty toolkit, including better support of collectives
– Support installation without using IBM Installation Manager
– Support of multiple controllers in a single collective
– Support IHS plugin generation for liberty server
Jenkins Integration
– Token replacement in argument field of Talos step support both values from build parameters and environment variables
– Provide ability to use build parameters in Talos steps on all type of jobs
– Custom folder for Jenkins integration libraries
Cloud Integration
– Support of Amazon Web Services


About the Author Benoit Culioli

Benoit is a Domain Architect in both development and infrastructure. Benoit has been designing and implementing Java/J2EE solutions for the WebSphere platform for the last 10 years, and has been using this experience while working with Talos products.

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