The latest core release v1.2 has been released for customer download. Please contact your account manager or support team for more information.

Release Number
Release Date
New Features
– Compare feature: provide the ability to compare configurations of two middleware instances
– Ability to provide hook to execute actions after saving a template
– Support different media home location for Windows and UNIX targets
– Ability to auto-tag topology elements with their name
– Update: Talos update process does not change Tomcat instance
– Topology editor: indicator for empty mandatory fields
– Topology editor: Ability to have conditional dropboxes based on other topology elements
WAS Toolkit
– Support installation of Resource Adapters RAR files
– Support Cache Instances configuration type
– Support to install and manage SDK 1.7.1
– Support to deploy applications using WAR files
IHS Toolkit
– Add creation of IHS unmanaged nodes and IHS servers to Jenkins build library
Libery Toolkit
– Deep review of Liberty toolkit, including better support of collectives
– Support installation without using IBM Installation Manager
– Support of multiple controllers in a single collective
– Support IHS plugin generation for liberty server
Jenkins Integration
– Token replacement in argument field of Talos step support both values from build parameters and environment variables
– Provide ability to use build parameters in Talos steps on all type of jobs
– Custom folder for Jenkins integration libraries
Cloud Integration
– Support of Amazon Web Services


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