The latest core release v1.2.1 has been released for customer download. Below is a list of some of the new and updated features, including Docker integration.
Please contact your account manager or support team for more information.

Release Number
Release Date
– Improved licensing check process in target servers
– Renaming middleware instance clears associated templates variable values
– Topology Editor: Remove ability to create two topology elements with the same name and same role
– Template Engine: Bug when editing template that has data in a file not available on the source middleware instance
– Template Engine: Issue with tokens in key attributes when editing the template with a middleware source
– Template Engine: Issue when folder exist on template but not on the sourcing middleware instance
– Licensing server hash does not recognize MacOS
Install/Update Process
– Installer does not retain custom orchestration libraries directories
– Cache issues when using Internet Explorer
– Unusual behavior when using backslashes in variable values
Talos Agent
– Start agent outside the bin directory does not work on Unix targets
WAS Toolkit
– ApplyTemplate activity creates duplicated data in payload
– NullPointerException when applying template with TemplateProps configuration objects in jms.json file
– Occurrences of SIB configurations not being applied correctly
– Make managed nodes profile name and profile home topology attributes cloneable
– CreateCluster activity missing in the Build Jenkins library
– StopCluster activity missing in the Build Jenkins library
– Node Agents server configuration are not managed
– WebSphere Application Server 7 installation not working as expected
– Topology Editor: When setting a custom starting port, the Deployment Manager SOAP port is not correct
– JMS configuration fails when J2CResourceAdapter deployment descriptor settings are selected
– NullPointerException when creating J2CConnectionFactory with old standard
Liberty Toolkit
– Enable local connector to allow communication with servers fails
– Bug when editing a template containing an application that does not exist in the sourcing middleware instance
– Unable to install Liberty without any fix pack
Jenkins Integration
– IHS activity UninstallPlugin is not found
– Unauthorized access message when deleting middleware instance with Jenkins authentication enabled
– 403 when “Prevent Cross Site Request Forgery exploits” is enabled
New Features

– Topology Editor: Provide a way to use Operating System credentials of parent topology role
– Ability to run processes as sudo from activities
– Provide import/export command line tool to manage middleware instance and templates
Install/Update Process
– Deal with existing configuration properties
– Support silent install
– Provide documentation for HTTPS configuration
Talos Agent
– Provide ability to update agents automatically
– Transfer toolkit files from server to agent only if toolkit version was updated or alwaysTransfer property is set to true
– Disable security check when targeting /test path
WAS Toolkit
– Support WAS 9
– Provide activities for fix pack rollback
– Provide ability to delete existing virtualhosts (e.g. defaults)
IM Toolkit
– Support advanced media tree to manage multiple platforms
IHS Toolkit
– Support IHS 9
– Provide activities for fix pack rollback
Docker Integration
– Implementation of Docker integration:
– Ability to create Docker images using Talos templates and activities
– Manage Docker images from Talos web user interface
– Manage Docker containers from Talos web user interface
– Run activities to Docker containers
– Manage Middleware configuration data from Docker containers
– Create Middleware configuration templates that can be used both on Docker images and traditional middleware environments
Jenkins Integration
– Provide more control and flexibility on Jenkins libraries regeneration process
UrbanCode Deploy Integration
– Improve way the media folder is defined
Ansible Integration
– Create custom directories for Ansible tasks and libraries

There are some changes in the media tree directory:
WAS toolkit
– When installing WAS 9, there is a SDK media package that needs to be available. That package should be available at
– WAS 9 fix packs may now include separated SDK packages. Those should be available at
– When installing additional SDKs using the InstallSDK activity, the SDK packages should be available at
IM toolkit
– We now support an advanced media tree directory to support managing multiple platforms. The new IM media tree should be as per example:
– The old media tree directory with a single Installation Manager package is still supported.

About the Author Benoit Culioli

Benoit is a Domain Architect in both development and infrastructure. Benoit has been designing and implementing Java/J2EE solutions for the WebSphere platform for the last 10 years, and has been using this experience while working with Talos products.

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