The latest core release v1.2.2 has been released for customer download. Below is a list of some of the new and updated features.
Please contact your account manager or support team for more information.

Release Number
Release Date
– Throw error or warning when can’t match tags used in template with middleware instance topology
– NullPointerException when comparing two middleware instances data
– Files and directories not sorted as expected in Template and Compare engines
– Template Engine: Bug sourcing middleware instances when selected key is a directory
– Issues starting and stopping Talos server on Ubuntu
– Licensing provider does not start when cannot retrieve MAC address from server
– Template Editor: Bug when linking existing variable to property with empty value
– Container View: template edit button not working as expected
Talos Agent
– Files removed from previous applied template are kept on the target server
WAS Toolkit
– AddCertsToKeystore activity only supports managing keystores at cell scope
– Remove duplicated JAASAuthData configuration type from globalSecurity.json file
– Bug when applying changes to TransportChannels configuration objects
– StopCluster activity fails is all cell’s clusters are already stopped
Installation Manager Toolkit
– Added media requirements to InstallIM activity documentation
Docker Integration
– Trailing slash on the Talos URL configured on Administration raises issues when downloading medias from container
– Trying to retrieve a variable set that does not exist returns a understandable error message
– Bug in container images versioning
Ansible Integration
– Regenerate option creates duplicated tasks in playbook
Import/Export tool
– Variable values are not remove when exporting templates only
– Bug when importing template that already exists in the target server
New Features

– Improved overall logs and output formats
– Ability to lock templates from editing
– Ability to order templates assigned to a middleware instance, with impact on orchestration engines processes
– Topology Editor: Support set of attributes only visible depending on other attribute value
– Compare: Write all compare process results to log file
– Topology Editor: Support dynamic dropdown options
– Talos and toolkits versions available on the web UI
F5 Toolkit
– Added support to several configuration types
– Added support to manage partitions


About the Author Benoit Culioli

Benoit is a Domain Architect in both development and infrastructure. Benoit has been designing and implementing Java/J2EE solutions for the WebSphere platform for the last 10 years, and has been using this experience while working with Talos products.

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