It is human nature that we all like to get value for money. Ideally we only want to pay for what we use. This goes for all walks of life, from buying food and clothes to buying IT hardware, software and services. We see it as getting a good deal.

Nearly all organisations are under pressure to cut costs in order to remain competitive and maximise their long-term outcomes. This approach of ‘getting value for money’ has driven organisations to adopt technologies such as virtualisation and cloud. Too often, subscription models or traditional enterprise-wide software licences are overly complex and costly for small and medium sized customers. Combined with lengthy contracts, many organisations really struggle to justify the investment. In recognition of this, more and more software providers are changing their purchasing models to a pay for what you use model. Ultimately it provides the organisation and the software provider with a win-win scenario.

Here at Tech Data, we never stop looking at how we can enhance our next generation middleware automation and configuration product, Talos. Talos helps consumers confidently move into the cloud with a consistent, repeatable, and reliable IT environment. It integrates with a variety of cloud providers and orchestration engines, and is intended to automate configuration changes and application deployments across both commercial and open source platforms.

In recent months, and to meet with the needs of Talos customers we have reviewed and aligned the pricing model with that of the public cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services, IBM Bluemix and Azure. From April 2017, we can now offer a pay-as-you-go consumption model based on daily or monthly usage. For our larger enterprise sized customers, the annual subscription and perpetual models are still available. With pay-for-what-you –use, Talos, has an open transparent cost model that is fit for purpose, no matter the size of your estate and requirements.

Whether the requirement is to simply migrate a small middleware estate from an on premise installation to a public cloud, or whether it’s to use the tool for day-to-day operations to speed up deployment and build out times, there is a cost model to suit.

For more information on how you can utilise Talos for middleware migration or transformation projects with minimum automation costs, then please get in touch+ with one of the team or visit us at

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