A new version of Talos has been released for customer download. Talos v1.3 includes exciting new, such as transforming templates from one technology to another, ability to compare WAS middleware instance with WAS default configurations, and ability to create template from middleware instances comparison results. Below is the complete list of fixes and new features.

Please contact your account manager or support team for more information.

Release Number
Release Date


– Bug when creating tokens in more than one configuration type key attribute
– Topology Editor does not allow creation of two IHS servers with same name on different nodes
– Template Engine: bug when sourcing a middleware instance if template configurations have scopes
– Template Engine: bug when existing folder on template does not exist middleware instance configuration
– Compare Feature: compare process result stored on file log is not formatted correctly
– Template engine: NullPointerException when template contains selected key that does not exist

Talos Agent

– Using agent as background process does not allow access to media folders on mapped drive
– Changes to Talos configure.properties file are not applied to the agent

WAS Toolkit

– StopNode activity fails on Windows targets when node agent is already stopped
– Applying CoreGroup and WIMRepository configuration objects fails if default configurations are selected
– Bug reading JMS configurations with same name on different scopes
– Applying template with “Server” configuration type under server.json throws Exception
– Selecting multiple “J2CResourceAdapter” configuration objects at the same scope may create wrong data in template
– InstallRAR activity fails if template does not have jms.json file
– StopCluster activity fails if target environment does not have any cluster

Datapower toolkit

– Issue creating scopes when Talos is running on Windows
– Compare feature not working with Datapower toolkit

Liberty Toolkit

– StartServer activity fails if server is already started

Jenkins Integration

– Cloning a middleware instance does not create the ‘Build’ job in Jenkins
– If step run mode is “allnodes” and no nodes are found, the activity should run on the root element

New Features


– Support of consumption licensing model
– Support template transformation from one toolkit to another
– Topology Auto-Tagging: ability to define rules to topology roles
– Compare feature: ability to compare middleware instances with pre-defined configuration sets.
– Compare feature: ability to skip comparison for certain configuration types
– Compare feature: allow creation of template from compare results

WAS Toolkit

– Ability to transform WAS templates into Liberty templates
– Ability to compare middleware instances with WAS default configuration

Liberty Toolkit

– Added support to new versions
– Added support to add and remove features
– Added support to install SDK
– Added patching support to Archive installations
– Provide single activities for both installation modes (IM and Archive)


About the Author Sérgio Imperial

Sérgio Imperial is a senior tecnical consultant mainly specialized in IBM solutions for more than 10 years. For the last 5 years, Sérgio has been focused in the DevOps and Automation spaces. He has been helping enterprises in streamline their software development lifecycle leveraging a wide range of tools and technologies. Currently, Sérgio is Lead Software Architect for Talos, Avnet's Middleware Automation software.

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