A new version of Talos has been released for customer download. Talos v1.3.1 includes a new image, aligned with our integration in Tech Data, and support to Oracle WebLogic Server, as well as several bug fixing. Below is the complete list of fixes and new features.

Check also in the table below important notes about upgrading your environment to Talos v1.3.1.

Please contact your account manager or support team for more information.

Release Number
Release Date


– Comparison Engine: NullPointerException when retrieving scope mappings
– Template Engine: Bug marking variables for certain toolkits
– Template Engine: When sourcing middleware instances, parent from different configuration should be marked differently than the actual difference-
– Template Engine: When sourcing middleware instances, only loading a maximum of 49 differences when warning message states that is loading 50
– Template Import fails when configuration value is empty
– Template Transformation Engine: Bug when applying attribute rule and attribute value is empty
– Viewing middleware instance template payload throws an error when ApplyTemplate activity was not ran through the UI
– Browsers caching issues when perform REST calls
– Connection type “SSH using Parent Topology Role Credentials” should not appear on topology discovery scree or on top level topology elements
– Security: User without write permissions to middleware instance can change variable values on the template edit screen
– Security: UI allows editing permissions of ‘admins’ group
– Security: LDAP users membership and LDAP groups members are not shown correctly
– LDAP integration: provide better exception message when LDAP settings are incorrect
– Provide error message when a topology role defined in a topology.json file is not found

Talos Agent

– Transfer of logs from agent to Talos server not working as expected

Liberty Toolkit

– ApplyFixPack activity fails when patching version 8.5 environment

WAS Toolkit

– Applications warClassLoaderPolicy attribute is being ignored
– ApplcationScript activity documentation omits -app optional argument
– Change profiles creation activities to pass in case of partial success
– SOAP connection fails when using IBM JVM and soap.client.props file contains custom encrypted passwords

Datapower toolkit

– Issues saving Template selected keys when Talos server is running on Windows
– Compare feature: Default scopes mappings are not created as expected

UrbanCode Deploy Integration

– Updates to middleware instance topology does not update UCD components metadata
– Editing middleware instance topology only updates files of components latest version
– WAS Toolkit for UCD: AddCertsToKeystore activity throws exception

Jenkins Integration

– Build and Configure jobs are created even when no libraries are defined on toolkit

New Features


– Changed various areas of the product to be aligned with Tech Data acquisition
– Template imports are now managed as asynchronous jobs
– On topology discovery, changed middleware type UI element from buttons to dropdown
– Improved Talos client extract process, removing the requirement of having unzip available on target server

WebLogic Toolkit

– Implementation of a new toolkit to support Oracle WebLogic Server

WAS Toolkit

– Improved management of JMS configuration items
– Added support to patch existing cells installed manually

Jenkins Integration

– Added flexibility on the type of toolkit jobs that can be created


Important Note:

Due to Tech Data acquisition of Avnet Technology Services, we have the legal requirement of removing all Avnet mentions from Talos product. This included default file structures and Java package names.
These changes were done on Talos v1.3.1 and may impact your environment. Therefore, the following actions may need to be performed when upgrading your environment to Talos v1.3.1:

  • Any custom activity referencing Talos platform Java classes need to be edited to change the package reference from “com.avnet.services” to “com.techdata.service”. Example:Groovy files with the following references:

import com.avnet.services.automation.platform.common.jobs.JobResult;
import com.avnet.services.automation.platform.script.IProcessScriptRunner;
import com.avnet.services.automation.platform.script.ScriptParams;
import com.avnet.services.automation.websphere.AutomationProvider;

should now be:

import com.techdata.services.automation.platform.common.jobs.JobResult;
import com.techdata.services.automation.platform.script.IProcessScriptRunner;
import com.techdata.services.automation.platform.script.ScriptParams;
import com.techdata.services.automation.websphere.AutomationProvider;

  • If using Jenkins integration, the following steps need to be performed when upgrading Talos to v1.3.1:
    • After installing Talos plugin for Jenkins v1.3.1, you will need to provide Talos details in Talos Configuration section by navigating to Manage Jenkins -> Configure System of your Jenkins server.
    • All Jenkins jobs using Talos plugin need to be changed to refer to the new Java package. To do this, open a command line on your Jenkins server and navigate to your Jenkins home, which by default is set to ~/.jenkins, and perform the following commands:

cd ~/.jenkins/jobs
egrep -lRZ ‘com.avnet.services’ . | xargs -0 -l sed -i -e ‘s/com.avnet.services/com.techdata.services/g’

  • If using UrbanCode Deploy integration, be aware that, since the name of Talos plugins for UCD changed, the upgrade of the old plugins won’t be possible. So, the recommended steps to install UCD plugins for v1.3.1 are the following:
    • Uninstall the current Talos plugins for UCD
    • Install the new Talos plugins for UCD
    • After that, any component process that is using Talos plugins steps will claim, on those steps, that the plugin was removed. To fix those issues, you will need to edit the processes through UCD web UI and replace those removed steps with the steps of the new plugin. Another option is to perform those changes as explained below:
      • Export the component containing processes with steps from the old plugin. On the components page, click Actions and then Export
      • This will export the component as a json file. Edit this json file and replace all occurrences of “Avnet” for “Tech Data”.
      • Go back to UCD web UI and, on the components page, click “Import Components”. Select “Upgrade Component”, on the “Component Template Upgrade Type” field select “Use Existing Template” and on the “Generic Process Upgrade Type” field select “Upgrade process if exists”. Select the edited json file and click submit. NOTE: if on the json file there’s still a reference for the old plugin the import will fail.

About the Author Sérgio Imperial

Sérgio Imperial is a senior tecnical consultant mainly specialized in IBM solutions for more than 10 years. For the last 5 years, Sérgio has been focused in the DevOps and Automation spaces. He has been helping enterprises in streamline their software development lifecycle leveraging a wide range of tools and technologies. Currently, Sérgio is Lead Software Architect for Talos, Avnet's Middleware Automation software.

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