Free WebEx on the 23rd of November 2017

Ensuring that business critical middleware is correctly maintained and updated is crucial in today’s software driven businesses. Success depends on taking advantage of the latest features and security updates. Remaining eligible for support, when things go wrong is also essential.

Migrating from one version to the next, especially for middleware components are often considered high risk and expensive.  This understandable aversion to risk, results in delays to critical updates.

The key factor that greatly reduces risk is DevOps automation.

Join the IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) & MQ Migration WebEx Workshop on the 23rd of November with Tech Data, Arqino and IBM to learn more about the latest in IBM WAS v9 (including Liberty) and IBM MQ v9.

You will also learn about Tech Data’s Talos, the middleware configuration management tool which significantly reduces the risk and complexity of the migration, as well as best practice guidelines on how to accelerate your migration plans.


10:00-10:15 Workshop start and introductions

10:15-10:45 Talos Overview

10:45-11:15 What’s new in WAS v9 and Migration Challenges (IBM Speaker)

11:15-11:45  What’s new in MQ v9 and Migration Challenges (IBM Speaker)

11:45-12:15 Experiences in the field – Stories from consultants and workshop participants including Q&A to migration challenges (all)

12:15-13:15 Break

13:15-13:45 Demo – WAS & MQ migrations leveraging Talos

13:45-15:45 Migration in action. Pick you session: WAS or MQ migration demonstration

Register below:

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