A new version of Talos has been released for customer download. Talos v1.4 includes support for Azure cloud integration, audit log features and several improvements on Talos template engine. Below is the complete list of new features.

Please contact your account manager or support team for more information.

Release Number
Release Date
New Features


– Audit Log features
– Template Engine: Ability to create more than one partial variable on a single configuration value
– Template Engine: When applying a template, configurations using topology role are always applied to elements, even to those using role tags
– Template Engine: Provide ability to create ad-hoc variables (no need to create from a configuration value)
– Template Engine: Provide ability to remove a variable without having to source a middleware instance
– Template Engine: Support editing configuration scope tags on templates
– Template Engine: Support special variables to provide topology attributes values
– Topology: Support multiple role tags on topology elements
– Template Import: Provide ability to run a simpler and faster import process
– Ability to provide description to templates
– Added full support to non integer values on templates versions
– Provide ability to transfer data to targets machines in compressed files
– Ignore source control files when transferring data to target machines
– Ability to disable transfer of toolkit’s custom directories to target machines
– Provide ability to extend Talos by using external JAR libraries for platform and toolkits
– Provide ability to extend Talos by overwriting Spring beans implementations
– Ability to auto role tag topology when calling middleware instance discovery over the REST API

Web User Interface

– Added filter functionality to left navigation on Middleware Instances and Templates view
– Added filter functionality to “Add” dropdown buttons on Middleware Instances and Templates view
– Enable users to execute activities from the User Interface

WAS Toolkit

– ExecuteScript activity now accepts passing arguments to script

IHS Toolkit

– Provide start and stop IHS web server activities

Azure Integration

– Provide Azure cloud support

Talos Agent

– Support using hostname to define Talos machine when starting Talos Agent.
– Sript to start Talos Agent now checks start status


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