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Webinar on the 24th of May at 2pm BST

Are your Customer 360 projects struggling to access legacy data?

The concept of having an always accurate and real-time view of a customer’s history and interaction is known as a 360-degree view of the customer or Customer 360. Many financial services companies are in the midst of significant digital transformation and the focus on creating an exceptional customer experience depends heavily on having a holistic view of the customer.

Quick access to legacy data is a key success factor

Customer data, especially within financial services companies, reside in many systems that are outside of Salesforce. Poor integration with these data sources leads to failed Customer 360 projects.

A key success factor for Salesforce implementations that achieve the holy grail of providing a true 360-degree view of customers is the ability to have fast and reliable access to high quality data sources.

What is Salesforce doing about this problem?

Over the years Salesforce has recognised that successful CRM implementations are dependent on access to high quality data. As a response Salesforce has released a joint solutions with IBM, using the IBM Cloud Integration for Salesforce and the Salesforce MQ Bridge to solve data integration problems.

Want to know more about this solution and how it can benefit you as a Salesforce and IBM middleware user?

Join Tech Data’s webinar with Salesforce, IBM and Arqino to learn about how to become more successful in your Customer 360 initiatives.

What will be covered during the Webinar?

  1. Introduction
  2. Salesforce and Achieving Customer 360 – Edward Lane, Salesforce
  3. IBM MQ Bridge for Salesforce – Richard Coppen, IBM
  4. Managing Salesforce integrations and IBM middleware – Pundarik Ranchhod, Arqino
  5. Q&A

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