We are proud to announce that we just released version 2.1 of Talos.

On Talos v2.1, one of the main focus is to simplify the way you move and manage your applications on containerised environments and on mixed environments, with both containers and legacy systems. With that in mind, we are introducing a large number of new features as, for instance: new OpenShift Integration, providing ability to push images to OpenShift and manage OpenShift resources; and improvements on our Docker Integration, providing additional management capabilities to your Docker environment from within Talos.

To know more about Docker and OpenShift Integration features, find below a demonstration video:

As always, we are eager to collaborate with you and receive your feedback and suggestions to help us improve and evolve Talos, so feel free to reach out to us.

Below is the complete list of new features.

Please contact your account manager or support team for more information.

Release Number
Release Date
New Features


  • Ability configure the activities used on “templates applied per middleware instance” metric
  • Ability to configure the transfer lock timeout value
  • Security: New group role to allow dashboard data visualization
  • Support SSH connection on targets secured with PAM
  • Provide ability to manage configure.properties file values in the Web UI
  • Support multiple Talos client remote home values

OpenShift Integration

  • Initial OpenShift integration
  • Provide ability to push a Docker image to OpenShift
  • Ability to manage OpenShift resources

Docker Integration

  • Provide a way to instantiate an image into a container from Talos
  • Provide ability to manage containers from Talos
  • Support Docker images tags/versioning
  • Support managing existing Docker images from Talos
  • Ability to import existing Docker images into Talos
  • Ability to run Docker actions as activities

WAS Toolkit

  • StartCluster and StopCluster activities now provide more information about servers’ status
  • CreateCluster activity now creates additional cluster members defined in topology
  • Provide more information about the cause of an application deployment failure
  • Get Fix Pack levels when discovering a cell
  • Allow to export applications EAR files when reading middleware instance configuration from the Web UI

Tomcat Toolkit

  • Provide support to manage application without using a manager user

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  1. Hi Sergio,

    Could you please tell the License cost for Talos V2.1, i understand its available as 30 days Free trial version, after the trial period how about the License cost.

    Please reply only to me


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