We are proud to announce that we just released version 2.1.2 of Talos.

On Talos v2.1.2, we now provide integration with Kubernetes to simplify the way you move and manage your applications on containerized and mixed environments. Additionally,  this version of Talos includes a large number of new features as: several improvements on the web user interface, ability to transfer Java to targets over SSH as an option, and improvements in Talos installation proccess.

As always, we are eager to collaborate with you and receive your feedback and suggestions to help us improve and evolve Talos, so feel free to reach out to us.

Below is the complete list of new features.

Please contact your account manager or support team for more information.

Release Number
Release Date
New Features


– Ability to provide custom directory name when installing Talos
– Ability to turn off archive feature when upgrading Talos
– Transfer Java to targets over SSH as an option
– Compare feature: support middleware instances with multiple  toolkits
– Add global read middleware environment permission setting

  User Interface

– Middleware View: Improvements on the topology view
– Job View: When multiple jobs are triggered the focus is now on the first one
– Home page: Dashboards now have links to middleware instances and templates
– Template View: Added filter capabilities on versions dropdown

  Kubernetes Integration

– Initial Kubernetes integration
– Provide ability to push a Docker image to an external Docker registry
– Ability to manage Kubernetes resources

  WAS Toolkit

– Resources at deployment level are now ignored
– Ability to manage deployment target auto start setting

  JBoss Toolkit

– Ability to edit topology (servers and server groups) by running configure job


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