From Monolithic Middleware to Microservices on Docker, making the transition

Microservices and Docker Containers are the focus for agile delivery of web-applications in today’s IT world. Modern applications are stateless, singletons and are deployed on mass to cloud environments via various Platform-as-a-Service hosting environments.

Bridging the Digital Divide, DevOps Convergence for your Digital and Operations Teams

It’s an interesting time in the IT industry. Architectural approaches come and go in waves. SOA was a hot topic going back five to 10 years ago. It seemed a great idea on paper, but alas the implementations of SOA that manifested in the market place were overly complex and as a consequence the uptake of SOA fizzled out. SOA is just one example, there are of course many more. We are a few years into what has become a rallying cry in the industry; that is this need to be agile and move to a microservices cloud first architecture.

Middleware and the Cloud, Turning Existing Middleware Investment into a PaaS

Middleware has been a foundation of modern web-based applications for a long time now. Middleware has evolved substantially over the years and has provided a platform for developers to develop rich distributed applications. In today’s world the richest of applications can all be easily accessed via the web and can scale to accept millions of connections, thanks in large part to middleware. There are a variety of middleware types from application servers to message oriented middleware all working together to provide a platform upon which developers can develop and scale applications.