WebSphere User Group – Leveraging Traditional Middleware in Digital Transformations

Last week we sponsored and spoke at the WebSphere User Group at IBM South Bank. It was a great day and the sessions and conversations we had at our stand were both informative and interesting. One subject that came up time and again was Digital Transformation and how it affects traditional IT. This is an area where we have considerable experience and it’s something we’re working on with a number of customers currently.

Using DevOps and Middleware Automation to Make Software Deployment More Efficient

We exhibited at the recent WebSphere User Group on the 25th of April in London and many of the conversations we had at the stand were about DevOps. Some of the delegates were already on their journey to ‘becoming DevOps’ but many were still trying to understand what DevOps means and how they should get started. Most of those conversations led on to discussing Talos, Tech Data’s middleware automation tool.

Tristan’s Take on What Cloud Really Means

The term cloud means different things to different people. For consumers the cloud might be where they store their music and photographs. For others it might be Google Apps or Office365. If you’re a business user it could be a cloud-hosted application. If you run a datacentre it could be a way of optimising hardware. The list goes on.