Please be aware that change logs are now available here and this page will be decommissioned by the 8th of July 2016

Change logs – Release 1.1.2

Release Number
Release Date
– Documentation updates
– Exception thrown when .ssh directory does not exist under user home
– Unable to activate a license when the current local license is invalid and cannot be decrypted
– Re-discover a middleware instance topology removes existing role tagsWAS Toolkit
– Fixed bug in InstallWebSphereFixes70 activity when running on Windows targets
– Fixed NullPointerException when applying templates with LDAPUserRegistry configurations
– Unable to create templates with configurations from the deployment.json fileDatapower Toolkit
– Unable to write configurations when using Talos server on Windows

Jenkins integration
– Deployment Manager nodes being skipped when running activities in parallel

New Features

– Ability to enable/disable orchestration integrations through the web UI
– Template engine: Support creation of variables in configuration key attributes
– Template engine: Support creation of partial variables
– Added ability to re-discover a middleware instance topology through the web UI

WAS Toolkit
– Support custom starting ports when building WAS cells
– Added the ability to manage certificates in cell key stores
– Added ability to add nodes and Web Servers for Web Server federation
– Support managing Java SDK version

Jenkins integration
– Job’s middleware and environment values available as environment properties


Due to the new features in the new template engine, old templates will raise an error message in the web ui.

To be able to use old template, you will have to import them using the “Import” button available in the “Templates” section of the UI.