Why renew IBM support on an old version or purchase extended IBM Support and put off the inevitable? Migrate Now!

Middleware migrations are inevitable

Most modern IT environments are dynamic places where reoccurring change is brought about by constant innovation. Migrating from older middleware to newer versions is common place. Migrations are typically driven by end of support for a given product or a need to take advantage of the latest features available in newer versions. Whilst middleware migrations are inevitable, the goal of middleware migrations is to execute them in the minimal amount of time, with a low cost whilst ensuring they are low risk and error free.

Traditional on premise, IBM Cloud Private or IBM Cloud

Traditional application implementations are transitioning. Where an on premise implementation may have been the norm a few years ago, businesses are now looking to move such applications to full cloud-container based microservices, or some point in between. So the question isn’t a simple migration, but what migration is most beneficial to the future requirements of the business, enables the most useful test/release functionality and ultimately gives the best return on investment. This is a topic that will need to be discussed as the first element of any migration.

Leverage Tech Data’s Consultancy Services

Tech Data have a consultancy practice that can complement your in-house skillset. Utilise our consultant’s architecture and development expertise along with our award winning Middleware automation tool, Talos, to migrate you onto the latest version of IBM WAS or MQ. If you already have the skillset in-house, then utilise the power of Talos through our monthly based consumption model.

Talos – the right tool for automating middleware migrations

Talos is a proven middleware configuration automation tool developed by Tech Data to help accelerate migrations. It easily integrates with a variety of cloud providers and orchestration engines to automate configuration changes and application deployments across both commercial and open source middleware platforms. Talos allows you to discover an existing middleware infrastructure and once discovered, create tokenised templates of the configurations. After discovery and initial configuration import, it is possible to build out the newer versions of middleware and apply the configuration templates.

With Talos, customers can enjoy up to 75% reduction in the time and cost it takes to migrate a middleware platform

So, before you complete a renewal for an older version of IBM WAS or MQ or seek extended support for you old version of WAS or MQ, then think of the added benefits moving to a new version could bring to you – by utilising Tech Data’s skills and tools, this is easily achievable.

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