Accelerate the Modernization of your Middleware Infrastructure

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Tech Data’s very talented team of consultants have deep experience working with middleware, Talos and cloud technologies. Our subject matter experts combined with the right tooling can help you quickly migrate your middleware to newer versions, the cloud, or to a micoservices architecture leveraging Docker containers.

To that end, we offer the following:

  •     Middleware Migrations Made Quick and Easy  Migrate from older versions of middleware to the latest supported versions in a fraction of the time while greatly reducing risk by leveraging full automation and eliminating human errors.
  •     Accelerate Middleware Adoption in the Cloud –Move your  middleware into a public cloud leveraging Talos. We can clone and migrate whole instances directly into a public cloud.  Once in the cloud, Talos can help manage releases and configuration changes across both on-premise and in the cloud providing a first class DevOps solution to any hybrid cloud strategy.
  •     The Fastest Way
 to Re-Architect Middleware Infrastructure to Embrace Microservices and Containers – The whole world is moving to microservices opting to run light-weight lean run-time environments in dedicated containers such as Docker.  Talos can help with one of the biggest challenges migrating your existing legacy monolithic middleware architecture into microservices running on containers. More importantly it can provide DevOps across both traditional middleware and microservices environments.