What is a Toolkit exactly?   A Toolkit contains the application intelligence or know how to extract and/or apply the configuration for a given piece of middleware.  Toolkits facilitate getting the middleware configuration into our core templating engine.

Toolkits can fall into 2 categories: Core and Service Based toolkits. Toolkits that are Core are sold per toolkit and are supported using a standard support model. Service Based toolkits are assets that are used to accelerate project completion; these toolkits typically require more customization than Core toolkits. Service Based toolkits can range from beta state to very mature so be sure to ask about any given toolkit. Services Based toolkits are supported using a fixed hours model.

Service Based toolkits can become Core toolkits. If a Service Based toolkit becomes a Core toolkit, existing customers do not need to purchase core toolkit license, however to continue to get support they will be required to pick up the support costs for the core toolkit based on their estate size.

Toolkit Service Based Core
IBM DataPower
IBM WebSphere Application Server  ✔
IBM Installation Manager
IBM WebSphere Liberty Server
IBM Mobile First
IBM WebSphere Commerce
IBM WebSphere Portal
F5 Big-IP
IBM MQ (Provided by Arqino)
IBM Integration BUS (Provided by Arqino)
IBM Business Process Manager (Provided by Croz)