DevOps for IBM’s integration and messaging products


IBM has a wide range of product offerings to help businesses better integrate and manage their internal systems as well as to integrate with the outside world. Coordinating configuration changes across these products can prove to be tricky. Organisations often find they must write custom scripts for each middleware platform under management. In addition migrations to newer version or from on-premise into the cloud poses significant challenges.

Technology Solutions has written a software product, Talos, that focuses on the management of various middleware including many of IBM’s integration and messaging products. Talos normalises the way you work with middleware by avoiding the need to write custom scripts for each type of middleware thereby preventing the spaghetti scripting effect.

IBM has a DevOps orchestration engine called UrbanCode Deploy. Talos can act as a plugin to IBM UrbanCode Deploy to handle all the intricacies of managing IBM Business Integration products.

With UrbanCode Deploy + Talos you can:

• Discover various middleware topologies automatically
• Automatically migrate middleware from one version to another
• Migrate middleware from on-premise into the cloud
• Automatically import configurations generate create tokenised templates directly into DevOps orchestration engines like UrbanCode Deploy
• Compare template to running configurations as well as middleware instances to each other to help troubleshoot errors related to inconsistencies in your environment.
In this webinar we review some common challenges associated with managing messaging and business integration products and how the combination of UrbanCode Deploy and Talos can help you take better control of this estate.

22nd of February 2017
2:00PM-3:00PM GMT
3:00PM-4:00PM CET
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Presenter Scott Bybee is the original creator of the IBM Rational Automation Framework and has spent the last 17 years consulting helping organisations optimise their build and release strategies around IBM middleware software. As the EMEA Cloud Solutions Architect, Scott is actively involved in Talos, Technology Solutions Middleware Automation software and is also currently engaged with a variety of large enterprise customers and Technology Solutions Partners across Europe and the US.